Funded Need
sand, trays, beads, pipe cleaners, stickers, textured paper, crayons, color pencils, shaving cream
Multi-Sensory Learning
My name is Jana Loveless, and I am one of the Special Education teachers at Athens Intermediate School. I have specialized in the area of multi-sensory learning. Multi-sensory learning is an excellent way to teach struggling readers. The majority of my day is spent providing multi-sensory learning to struggling readers. Multi-sensory instruction is about connecting visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses during reading and spelling. This special type of instruction requires many different types of tools. My goal with these materials is to create engaging activities that activate the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic areas of the brain. The students will have fun writing in shaving cream, segmenting with pipe cleaner and beads, or use color pencils to code words all while learning and closing learning gaps.