Donate a lump sum amount to be used to match funds donated by other individuals to Needs (i.e., when a community member donates $25 to a teacher Need, a matching $25 donation would be paid from your lump sum donation, resulting in a combined $50 donation to that teacher’s Need).

The Athens City Schools appreciates your support! Your donation will help meet the immediate Needs of our students and teachers (click here to see all current Needs). As a way of saying thank you, your company's logo will appear on the Athens City Schools Homepage and your company name will appear next to each donation it matches under recent donations on the individual Needs pages.

Using the corporate giving feature will multiply donations made by individual donors across the District. Specifically, the Corporate Matching donation functionality will allocate your gift acrossAthens City Schools as follows:

  1. A lump sum donation is made by a corporation to be used by LeanStream for matching donations for Athens City Schools Needs.
  2. LeanStream prioritizes all open Needs in order of the smallest dollar amounts remaining to meet their fundraising goals (in the event of a tie, LeanStream will assign priority to the Need that has been open for a longer amount of time).
  3. LeanStream allocates a portion of your lump sum donation to a Need (in order of priority as detailed in Step #2) equal to all funds raised to-date for that Need OR the dollar amount remaining to fully fund the Need OR the total amount remaining of the lump sum donation — whichever comes first.
  4. LeanStream repeats Step #3 for each open Need (in order of priority as detailed in Step #2) until all open Needs receive a donation OR the amount remaining in the lump sum donation is exhausted — whichever comes first. In the event that funds remain from the lump sum donation amount, LeanStream will match future incoming donations in the order in which they are made until the lump sum donation amount is fully exhausted.

Note: Featured Needs, where applicable, are not included in the Corporate Matching donation process. If you wish to donate to a Featured Need, please donate to it directly.

NOTE: Minimum donation amount is $250